If you’ve ever been to a Japanese Rock Garden which is commonly referred to as a Zen Garden, you know how peace and tranquil these gardens can be. These are finely manicured gardens composed of dry materials like rocks or sand.  The rocks or sand is then raked to imitate the appearance of water ripples […]

As another year of Maker Faire (SF that is) has passed us by, I have noticed that as last year was the year of affordable 3D printing this year is the year of mulitrotors. Mulitrotors are, as expected, pretty much helicopters with more than one or two rotors. Lately people have put anywhere from three, […]

While attending the Maker Faire in San Mateo, I stopped by the Masterworks Wood Cycles booth. Wow…simply fabulous craftsmanship.   These bikes are not robots but the imagination and mechanical expertise required to build them is very similar.  This is what the “make” is in Maker Faire.   It is true that the bikes are not […]

This month we hosted a club sumo competition. Sumo robotics competitions are just as they sound with two robots colliding until one falls out of the ring. Each robot in this size category can only be 10×10 cm on the base (at start) with no height requirement. It cannot exceed a weight of 500 grams. Each […]

Comprised of 9 undergraduate engineering majors from Temecula, California, 3 members of Team Nautilus visited the Riverside Robotics Society On Saturday, April 19th and gave a great overview of the Nautilus I. Nautilus I is a completely autonomous robotic submarine that will face obstacles in an underwater environment. Nautilus I has a holonomic drive system and 6 motors. […]

Technische Universität München (TUM) is offering an online course on the basics of autonomous navigation with quadrotors.  While the course is intended for graduate students in computer science, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, you can audit it for free. The course was modeled after this 6-unit course called Visual Navigation for Flying Robots.  This site contains great […]

On Saturday March 29th, the Arduino celebrated its 10th birthday. It was a worldwide event bringing together Arduino people and projects. Arduino invitess all Arduino user groups, makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, associations, teachers, pros, and newbies to participate.  One of the largest events was simulcast by Make and NYU in New York City.  Arduino founder Massimo Banzi […]